BaraJii offers low-price, quality, healthy and affordable beverages to over 1,000 small shops and over 50 wholesalers in West Africa

Highest quality beverages in the pouches market

Socially responsible employment in one of the poorest countries in the world

Pure and natural water

The high incidence of infectious disease in Burkina Faso is largely caused by food or waterborne pathogens. BaraJii offers pure and natural water in pouches and bottles for street, home and high-end consumption.

Flavoured water drinks

Thirst-quenching flavoured water drinks include Energy and Apple and, since 2014, also Tonic in pouches, with natural stevia sweetener.

Juices and teas

Juices and teas based on locally-sourced raw materials are Bissap, Tamarind, Mango and Ginger in pouches and PET bottles.

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