About Durabilis

Durabilis is an international Impact Investing company with headquarters in Ghent, Belgium. Through the concept of shared value, Durabilis is commited to providing local and export markets with sustainablle quality products, optimising supply chains, and improving the lives of employees,

  • Vision

    Rural prosperity is the motor of economic and societal growth in developing countries. We believe in a new economy based on shared value. As an impact investing company. we ensure that all stakeholders share in the value we create.

  • Mission statement

    We link people to formal economies by investing in and managing sustainable agro & food businesses in low income countries

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    Strategic Objectives

    We create good jobs and we provide farmers and other supply chain partners with a better income

Durabilis Consulting

Durabilis Consulting bundles management and technical know-how within the company and provides different types of remunerated services to the Durabilis Businesses